About us

We are disrupting the industry

Our journey began in 2012, when we decided to create our own product. At that time, we asked Matthew Selecky to help us create software for our first hardware product. It was a remote control of electronic devices. This project helped us to gain a lot of experience not only with development, but also with production and customer care. Later our product became the bells RE-BELLS to call the operator in the restaurant. At that time the client contacted us with a production hall interested in RE-BELLS bells. Since we are in the production ourselves, we knew that we could not only help but also advise.

That is why RE-CA was founded, which specializes only in the industry segment. Our goal is not only to minimize downtime, but also to focus on the work of our employees and make it more efficient with the right technology to suit your needs. It is important for us to deliver only the solutions that you will actually use and will benefit you. Our advantage, thanks to which we can achieve this, is our own product line, which we can adapt in any way, or create a brand new product, as well as a team of technology experts and manager.

In addition, we see a huge opportunity in the digitization of production processes. Using the collected data, we can use artificial intelligence to reach a state where we can predict the problem before it arises. This goal is not easy, but challenges are what moves us further.



Mato Bodnar, CEO and Sales


Our team will do everything possible to provide the best customer care. Following our customer satisfaction survey, we received an amazing 10/10 rating for solving over 100 issues.

We are able to solve 92% of problems within 24 hours.