About us

We develop our own ERP system to improve the work of employees in manufacturing companies. We help optimize processes, allocate resources efficiently, and improve OEE and TEEP metrics.

We minimize downtime and reduce the strain on busy workers.

September 2018

RE-CA is established to meet the requirements of its first customer in the manufacturing sector

May 2019

the first prototypes are ready and we prepare the delivery of our first order

September 2020

we win an award for the implementation of artificial intelligence in our products

August 2021

we change the appearance of our website and name to RECALL

January 2022

we start cooperation with our first large customer for Resense devices, Chemosvit

April 2023

we launch the development of AI tools that help identify opportunities to improve efficiency

We see a great opportunity in the digitalization of production processes and we want to support the transition of companies to Industry 4.0. With a central focus on people.

This is not an easy goal. But challenges move us forward.
ERP system

Our values

We help change the industry, but our values remain the same.



We want to provide solutions that you will actually use and that will be beneficial to your company.



When looking for a solution, we first try to understand your production and employees. Although we create ERP systems, they are primarily meant to help people.



We are happy to use our know-how and decade of experience in developing new solutions to create a solution that will reflect your needs.



For us, the implementation of the system does not mean the end of cooperation. We provide customers with support in achieving their strategic goals also after implementing our products.

Our history

We have been improving the work of employees for more than a decade
Our journey began in 2012 when we created the first product: remote control of electronic devices. This project helped us gain experience not only with development and production, but also with customer care.
Another product was the RE-BELLS waiter call system. It was able to shorten customer waiting and increase their satisfaction, which led to increased sales. The system has become a part of many cafés, bars and restaurants in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.
Then we got the opportunity that influenced the further course of our company. In 2018, we were approached by a customer with a production facility interested in the RE-BELLS system. This led to the establishment of our company specialized exclusively in the industry.
We helped companies with IT infrastructure and network security during the development of the first products. We presented the outcome of the development on the campus of UVP Technicom. Our product portfolio has grown since then, and we are currently working on its implementation in manufacturing companies.

We cooperate with our partners in the development of technological solutions

Are you interested in a non-binding consultation?

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