ERP system

Designed for production and people
RECALL is an ERP system for production management and planning that we design to meet the needs of your company and your employees. It adapts to you, not the other way around.

It includes notifications, real-time tracking of the production process and report generation to help improve production efficiency.

What are the benefits for your company?

access to up-to-date and accurate data on the production process
improving production planning and predictive maintenance
reduction of downtime
workflow optimization
improvement of company intralogistics
streamlining communication between staff

How does the RECALL ERP system work?

The base station ensures the functioning of the whole system. It connects to a network and communicates with the information system.
The information system connects all interfaces – base station, buttons and devices with applications. It ensures the digitization, processing and storage of data. Automatic outputs are available with one click. The information system facilitates the identification of problems and enables longer-term data monitoring, for example, problem prediction or machine maintenance planning.
The system includes a custom application installed in the end-user device. It can be a watch, smartphone or tablet. The application not only notifies workers but also collects data that is subsequently stored in the information system.



The smart watch application informs the production manager of a request or event that has occurred. They will know who and where has a problem. Thanks to this, the manager can react immediately and be in the right place at the right time. The vibration of the watch ensures that they notify the notification even in a noisy environment.

Suitable for:

  • managers
  • supply department
  • maintenance personnel
Podrobné technické špecifikácie (PDF)



The multi-button panel can be customized to record any need from the worker. If they need to deliver material, perform quality inspection or solve another request, they simply press the corresponding button. The panel sends the request to the relevant department.

The panel can be expanded with the RFID card reader for employee identification and a barcode reader for order tracking and digital registration of work in production.

It only depends on your needs how the panel will work.

Suitable for:

  • manufacturing workers
  • clocking systems
Podrobné technické špecifikácie (PDF)



The non-intrusive sensor for detecting the status of the CNC machine allows the system to identify downtime without the continuous presence of the machine operator. An example of an application is a CNC measurement. The sensor can send a message that the measurement is nearing the end or has ended by passing the probe in front of the sensor. The operator can thus leave the station during the measurement and not cause machine downtime.

Suitable for:

  • CNC stations that do not require the continuous presence of an operator
Podrobné technické špecifikácie (PDF)



Non-intrusive sensor for detecting any electrical equipment used in production allows the system to identify whether the machine or equipment is working, thus improving control and also dividing the work time for preparation and the operation itself. Anomaly detection will help identify an impending equipment failure and prevent downtime.

Suitable for:

  • metalworking machinery
  • welding machines
Podrobné technické špecifikácie (PDF)



The base station ensures that all devices are synchronized with the server. Thanks to wireless technology, installation costs are minimal, and installation takes no more than a few hours. It is possible to extend signal coverage by adding more stations.

Suitable for:

  • small and large production halls
Podrobné technické špecifikácie (PDF)

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