Be more efficient

Improve communication between workers. Thanks to smart watches, they will no longer have to look for production and will be notified of the problem as soon as it arises. Vibrating your watch will keep your information unnoticed even in noisy environments.

Designed for manufacturing

Configure your devices according to your needs. Whether the number of buttons you can use to quickly send your defined message. Or an integrated RFID card reader to identify workers. Or an integrated barcode and QR code reader for order tracking in production. All thanks to one device.


Low set-up costs

Thanks to wireless technology and long battery life, installation costs are minimal and installation takes no more than a few hours. The battery in the devices lasts 2 years, and smart-hours can charge up to 24 hours on a single charge. The solution does not require connection to the corporate infrastructure, so it does not jeopardize your production.

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We will adapt to you

We love out of the box thinking and the solutions from it. This is one of the reasons why we created a non-intrusive CNC measurement solution for the client, which can send a message that the measurement has ended by passing the probe in front of the sensor.

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