Optimizing production processes with a focus on people

We design a customized ERP system that helps companies improve production. We support digital transformation and combine it with human potential. We believe that efficient employees are the key to better production.

Key benefits

Our focus is on technological and process optimization with the main purpose – to gain more time for all employees.

Improving the OEE metric

Did you know that the world's leading companies achieve production efficiency of 85%? Our ERP system can improve this value by better work management and greater clarity of processes.

Higher employee efficiency

By digitalization, we relieve people of manual administration and ensure that they always have up-to-date data.This enables them to make better use of working time.

Custom solutions

We develop technological solutions in cooperation with you. Our intention is to meet the needs of your production and avoid getting used to a new system or product.

No production restrictions

The RECALL system does not require intervention in the machines or connection to the corporate infrastructure for its operation. Your information systems can thus continue to work independently.


When designing our solution, we draw on more than 10 years of experience with the commercial development and deployment of IT systems in Slovakia and abroad.


Effective communication even in a noisy environment
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Operator recall and order tracking
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Non-intrusive monitoring of a CNC machine
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Non-intrusive monitoring of machine operation
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Wireless connection of all devices
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Implementation process

When creating your system, we emphasize the combination of technical excellence and clear communication.


In cooperation with you, we identify problem areas and set metrics to measure the project success in your production facility.


Based on the information obtained, we will create ERP system and agree on the installation conditions.


Our technicians will install the system in your company and train staff to ensure its optimal use.


We will activate the system and help you understand, interpret, and use the information from it. To support the achievement of your strategic goals.

"Technology is not meant to replace people, but to help them. And that is our goal."

Matej Bodnár
CEO and Sales
We develop our own technologies to improve the work of employees in manufacturing companies.
We help optimize processes, allocate resources efficiently, and improve OEE and TEEP metrics.
We minimize downtime and reduce the strain on busy workers.

Successful projects

Using the RECALL system, we helped the customer not only to digitize process records, but also improve production organization and introduce automated process controls.

Our solution

Paper-based record keeping causes not only inaccuracies, but also the absence of control over the current order status. Thanks to digital record keeping, the customer sees the current status and production utilization.

Accordingly, they can change the organization of production and prioritize solutions to meet deadlines. In case of discrepancies, they can identify and measure the problem.

This leads to an increase in labour efficiency by 5–10% and a return on investment within one and a half years.
digital record keeping
compliance with deadlines
increase in labour efficiency
faster return

Contact us

We will be happy to help improve production processes and employee efficiency in your company. Fill in the contact form and book a non-binding consultation.
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Matej Bodnár
CEO and Sales
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